...but can they find you?
Parents and Children Value Martial Arts Training.
A good website can prove your professionalism.
Mobile Search is #1
People are using their phones more than
anything else to find martial arts schools.

Let’s Make a Website Students Can’t Resist.

It takes years of training to become proficient in a martial art. A lot of hard work, sweat, and dedication goes into earning a black belt. A good website should reflect your commitment and exude the kind of professionalism you maintain on the dojo floor.

Let’s work together to develop a clean, highly functional website that expresses the intent of your martial art and helps students find you in the process.

Key Elements to a Successful Martial Arts Website

  • Attractive Website

    A website should act as a homebase and means of converting visitors to new students.

  • Consistent Branding Elements

    Business cards, brochures, websites, and social media should follow a consistent brand and style.

  • SEO Development

    Onsite and offsite search engine optimization will help people in your area find you.

  • Mobile Focus

    More people search using mobile devices than home computers. Your website should be ready.

  • Social Media Outreach

    Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can help establish a community for your dojo.

Let’s Chat About Your Website Needs

Email us using the button on the right. Fill out a few fields with information about your school and website needs. After that we’ll email you back with our recommendations based on your budget and goals or provide you with a free 20 minute consultation call.

Types of Clients Eligible For Our Service

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Tae Kwon Do

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Mixed Martial Arts

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Muay Thai

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Many More Styles…

mobile ready martial arts websites

Responsive and Mobile Ready

People are using mobile devices more than ever to browse the web and find services near them. It’s critical for martial arts websites to be easy to read on mobile devices, as well as closely connected to geographic services such as Google Maps.

Websites designed by YourDojoOnline are mobile ready and responsive, meaning that the site can adapt to screens of all sizes.

Built By a Martial Artist, For Martial Artists

YourDojoOnline is owned by Matthew Apsokardu, a 20 year student of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. Matthew is also a student of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Japanese Swordsmanship. Matthew has operated his own martial arts school and is a published author on the subject.

Matthew’s diverse experience in the arts gives him insight into how to optimize your website to appeal to your desired audience. His extensive writing and design skills, along with those of his team members, will be put directly to use on your unique site.

Words of Support from Clients

  • ?I've worked with Matt over the course of multiple years and have found his work to be quick and reliable. He maintains good contact with me as a client and makes sure my site is well tended to. ?

    Joe Krezdorn
  • ?Matt and his team were able to visualize the needs of my business and create a website that reflected the professionalism I was looking for.?

    Don Stewart

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